Tetris in .NET Draw code 128 barcode in .NET Tetris

Tetris using barcode generation for .net vs 2010 control to generate, create code 128 code set c image in .net vs 2010 applications. Basice Knowlege of iReport Now let"s see what h Code 128B for .NET appens when the player presses UP arrow key:. var ct:uint=currentRotation;. ct variable is used only for a layout purpose, to have currentRotation value in a variable with a shorter name. var rot:uint=(ct+1)% .net framework Code 128B tetrominoes[currentTetromino].length;.

rot variable will ta ke the value of the candidate rotation. It"s determined by adding 1 to current rotation and applying a modulo with the number of possible rotations of the current tetromino, that"s determined by tetrominoes[currentTetromino]. length.

. if (canFit(tRow,tCol barcode standards 128 for .NET ,rot)) { ..

. }. Calls canFit functio n passing the current row, the current column, and the candidate rotation as parameters. If canFit returns true, then these lines are executed:. currentRotation=rot;. currentRotation variable takes the value of the candidate rotation. removeChild(tetromino);. The current tetromino is removed. drawTetromino(); pla .NET Code 128 ceTetromino();. A new tetromino is c reated and placed on stage. You may wonder why I delete and redraw the tetromino rather than simply rotating the DisplayObject representing the current tetromino. That"s because tetrominoes" rotations aren"t symmetrical to their centers, as you can see looking at their array values.

Test the movie and press UP arrow key to rotate the current tetromino.. [ 172 ]. 5 . You will notice you .net framework Code-128 can"t rotate some tetrominoes when they are close to the first or last row or column. In some Tetris versions, when you try to rotate a tetromino next to game field edges, it"s automatically shifted horizontally by one position (if possible) to let it rotate anyway.

In this prototype, I did not add this feature because there"s nothing interesting from a programming point of view so I preferred to focus more in detail on other features rather than writing just a couple of lines about everything. Anyway, if you want to try it by yourself, here"s how it should work:. When a tetromino can "t be rotated as one of its piece would go out of the game field, along with the rotation the tetromino is shifted in a safe area, if possible. Finally, you can make lines! Let"s see how to manage them..

Removing completed lines According to game me chanics, a line can be completed only after a tetromino is landed. The idea: Once the falling tetromino lands on the ground or over another tetromino, we"ll check if there is any completed line. A line is completed when it"s entirely filled by tetrominoes pieces.

The development: At the end of landTetromino function you should check for completed lines and eventually remove them. Change landTetromino this way:. private function lan barcode code 128 for .NET dTetromino():void { var ct:uint=currentTetromino; var landed:Sprite; for (var i:int=0; i<tetrominoes[ct][currentRotation].length; i++) { for (var j:int=0; j<tetrominoes[ct][currentRotation][i].

length; j++) { if (tetrominoes[ct][currentRotation][i][j]==1) { landed = new Sprite(); [ 173 ]. Tetris addChild(land ed);,0x000000); landed.


drawRect(TS*(tCol+j),TS*(tRow+i),TS,TS);; landed.

name="r"+(tRow+i)+"c"+(tCol+j); fieldArray[tRow+i][tCol+j]=1; } } } removeChild(tetromino); checkForLines(); }. As said, the last li code-128c for .NET ne calls checkForLines function that will check for completed lines. But before doing it, take a look at how I am giving a name to each piece of any landed tetromino.

The name is meant to be easily recognizable by its row and column, so for instance the piece at the fifth column of the third row would be r3c5. Naming pieces this way will help us when it"s time to remove them. We will be able to find them easily with the getChildByName method you should have already mastered.

Add checkForLines function:. private function che ckForLines():void { for (var i:int=0; i<20; i++) { if (fieldArray[i].indexOf(0)==-1) { for (var j:int=0; j<10; j++) { fieldArray[i][j]=0; removeChild(getChildByName("r"+i+"c"+j)); } } } }. Test the movie and you will be able to remove complete lines. [ 174 ]. 5 . Let"s see how checkF orLines function works:. for (var i:int=0; i& Code128 for .NET lt;20; i++) { ..

. }. for loop iterating through all 20 lines in the game field if (fieldArray[i].in barcode code 128 for .NET dexOf(0)==-1) { .

.. }.

Since a line must be completely filled with tetrominoes pieces to be considered as completed, the array must be filled by 1, that is, there can"t be any 0. That"s what this if statement is checking on the i-th line..

for (var j:int=0; j& .NET Code 128 Code Set B lt;10; j++) { ..

. }.
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